Patient Safety Awareness Week

This week (Mar. 11-17) marks Patient Safety Awareness Week. This week is designed to encourage awareness about patient safety among the public and healthcare professionals. Patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care. What makes patient safety so essential to health care is the fact that health care is all about caring for the patient. If the patient is not in good hands, then health care would crumble. Health care is a billion-dollar industry and with good reason. People want to stay healthy and it is up to the doctor’s professional opinion and supervision for that to really happen. Being conscious of patient safety helps doctors, nurses and all other health care professionals practice safer medicine.

To provide better patient safety, it is important to get a product that is very safe and reliable. For those health care professionals who need aid in lifting, ambulating or transferring patients – the FabLife™ Gait Belt is for you. This gait belt can safely help caregivers transfer patients to where they need to be. Its metal belt buckle adds an extra layer of security to securely fasten the patient in. Using a gait belt can give caregivers peace of mind when transferring patients as their patients are less likely to fall or become injured. Patient Safety - Gait Belt

Another aspect of patient safety is to ensure patients have the proper tools for when caregivers are not around. Some patients need caregivers to reach for certain items for them, but caregivers are not always around to provide help. Patient Safety - Reaching AidTo stop the patients with limited range-of-motion from becoming injured the FabLife™ Reaching Aid is a great product to have. The FabLife™ Reaching aid only requires the patient to push down on the finger trigger, to grip items that are normally out of reach. Its open jaw is assisted with a magnetic tip to grab items such as keys and other items made of metal. A reaching aid can go a long way in preventing falls or other patient injuries.

Patient safety is an important component to health care. Taking care of patients and making sure they are safe should be the number one priority for all health care professionals. One way to ensure patient safety is to have the proper tools on hand to provide patients care. To see if the FabLife™ Gait belt or Reaching aid is right for you please consult with your therapist or specialist today.

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Article written by William Graves.